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China Today International
  • 130 National cooperative dealers and self - owned stores

  • 100 The domestic and foreign top suppliers are deeply united

  • 70 The sales network covers 31 provinces and 70 large and medium-sized cities

China Today International Culture Co.,Ltd("CTI"),founded in 2007,is a cultural and creative enterprise with global vision, integrating r&d and marketing.The company takes "creating beautiful cultural enjoyment for human" as its tenet,continuously meets the consumers' demand for cultural and creative products collection and investment,under the impetus of China's national strategy of deepening development of cultural and creative industry,after 10 years of development, it has grown into the leader of China's cultural and creative industry.


Wide Coverage of Mainstream Channels
CTI has built a diversified and comprehensive marketing system with an integration of “bank, post, wholesale, retail of stores, and internet marketing”. The sales network has covered 31 provinces and 70 large and medium-sized cities across the country with more than 1300 cooperative dealers and exclusive stores throughout the country.
Global Background Supply Chain
CTI has established in-depth cooperation with more than 100 top suppliers at home and abroad in different procedures, covering joint development, process innovation, inventory management and logistics.
Leading Marketing and Operation Capabilities in the Industry
CTI has successfully carried out the research, development and promotion of cultural and creative products for major political, economic, cultural and sports events at home and abroad, enjoying both respect from the industry and good social response.
Collaboration with Top Art Masters
CTI has set up close strategic partnership with a large number of prestigious masters of culture and art, masters of arts and crafts, inheritors of intangible cultural heritage, experts and scholars, such as Fan Zeng, Zhou Lingzhao, Han Meilin, Liu Xiaolingtong, Mei Baojiu, Wu Guanying, Chen Shaohua, Wang Guoxin, Zhang Tonglu, Zhang Shufen, Cheng Shumei, Shan Guoqiang, Jin Yunchang.
Global Strategic Cooperation
CTI has established in-depth cooperation with nearly 100 well-known enterprises at home and abroad, involved in strategic cooperation in various fields such as finance, film and television, sports, culture and jewelry.
Strength of Research and Development
300+ R&D teams
100+ national patents
150+ R&D projects (annual)
100+ domestic and international design awards
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